Explore Bromo and Ijen Crater in 3 Days

Explore Bromo Ijen Explore Bromo and Ijen Crater in 3 Days

Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater are two very popular destinations in East Java, each of which has a record of the highest international visit in East Java, famous Bromo sunrise and a beautiful landscape charming and famous Ijen crater phenomena Blue Fire. We will present the tour program of these most favorite destinations for you.


Day 1

The tour program starts with the escort of two cities in East Java, Surabaya or Malang to Bromo then we will use the vehicles we have prepared, in the afternoon we will arrive at the hotel on the slopes of Mount Bromo, check in and we strongly recommend that participants use time to rest before tomorrow at midnight we will explore Bromo.

Day 2

At 02.00 am on second day we will begin to explore Mount Bromo, the first spot we visit is Penanjakan to enjoy the Bromo sunrise from the heights and enjoy the Bromo mountain landscape in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, after of Penanjakan we will continue to explore Bromo area  and other interesting places such as trekking to the crater of Bromo, savanna and Whispering Sand (Pasir Berbisik), before noon we will have it all completed and returned to the hotel for lunch and rest for a moment before continuing onward journey. Breakfast is excluded because it is not possible in the morning while we explore Bromo, for that we advise participants to bring a snack instead. Before too late we will leave Bromo area and take a trip via Bondowoso to the Ijen mountain slopes, on arrival there, we will check in the hotel and wait for midnight to climb to the crater of Ijen.

Day 3

To climb the crater of Ijen and to enjoy the phenomenon of blue flame, will  begin the trekking at 1:00 am on the third day, takes approximately 2 hours trekking to the top of Mount Ijen crater and reached the location, that’s where we will enjoy the phenomenon of blue flame until just before sunrise, during the ascent we also will meet with traditional sulfur miners carry a peaks of sulfur with simple equipment. We will go down before the sun rises and leave Ijen mountain after breakfast and back to Surabaya, on the way home we can stop to the snack places.

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    Posted by Ash| Saturday August 3rd, 2013 |

    Hi, coming to Surabaya on August 5th. Looking for Bromo tour August 6. Any chance? Thank you!

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      Posted by Keliling Nusantara| Sunday August 4th, 2013 |

      We arrange nearest regular trip event to Bromo on August 16th, check our trip schedule at this link below, you can join our trip with fixed prices. But we did not arrange regular trip event to Bromo on 6th of August, we just can facilitate you private tour to Bromo on that date.
      Please contact us if you want to request a private tour at this number +6281331641615

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