Bandung, a passionate night athmosphere

IMG 20120517 00094 Bandung, a passionate night athmosphere

Long weekend like this, do not ask a bout toll road to Bandung or Bogor or Puncak, it is definitely crowded, this is really long weekend, four days off between 17-20 of May, almost all offices in Jakarta closed and all the employees coming from the surrounding area are going home or take a vacation, so long traffic jam on the highway leading toll Jagorawi to Bandung or toll Cipularang to Bandung. But we forced our self to go to Bandung for sightseeing holiday as well as visiting my friends there, then were stuck in traffic between hundreds or even thousands of cars in Cipularang, God!!

Bandung is always alive, the city is cool and full of charm, atmosphere of the night between haunts adds the splendor of the city at night, Bandung is also a paradise for shopping lovers, fathers-the girls are pretty gorgeus, one day is not quite enough to enjoy the atmosphere of this city.
We arrived before sunset, and then pick a friend and stopped to pray at the same time, after a while we went to Ciwalk (Ciamplelas Walk), a night on the center of the city, traveling, taking photos to preserve, indeed Ciwalk is the place for young peoplein  Bandung to hang out, here there are a lot of cafes that accentuate the artistic design to create a relaxed atmosphere in the cafe so the visitor feel comfortable, in addition to cafes and places to hang out, here too many sellers of typecal accessories of Bandung, in the daytime along Ciamplas Walk road there are many clothing seller, if you visit this place, my suggestion, first make a shopping list, that will actually help you what to buy and which ones are not necessary. After traveling we decided to stop by one of the cafes while also waiting for our friends get together, and we deliberately delaying dinner at the cafe.

IMG 20120517 00096 Bandung, a passionate night athmosphereBy evening, all of our friends had gathered, then we go up to the Punclut, a central area that serves food dishes are typical of Bandung, there are many food stalls along the way of Punclut and the concept is very similar, are cross-legged. From here you can enjoy views of the city of Bandung from a higher place, from a distance it looks just the lights illuminate the streets of Bandung, perhaps because of this atmosphere, Punclut food stalls is always crowded at night, but unfortunately when we arrived in Bandung Punclut, suddenly rain fall down.

To enjoy dinner at Punclut, you do not need to spend a lot of money, the average price of food here is affordable and even cheap relatively in Bandung, food presentation are typecal, in addition to the sensation of spicy sauce really makes the torn melt, gosh!  it is very spicy! make me warm in the cold and rainy Bandung and make my stomach feel hot inside. After a dinner we returned to Cimahi to one of our friend’s house to over  the night there.

The next destination is Riau Street, one of the shopping places in the city, to get to the places we have to pass under a overpass bridge, according to our friend this bridge built for the purposes of the Asian-African conference held in Bandung, and it is very long bridge. Riau street is not as busy as Ciamplas Walk street, but if you negligent, this place will make your wallet drained. From Riau street we then headed to Pasar Baru, is also a shopping center in Bandung, the price of goods here is very cheap, you can find all kinds of convection here and the price are cheap,This place is paradise for shopper.

Bandung is comfortable city, cool, full of charm, and friendly locals, there are many places that i have not yet visited here, my vacation today and previous visits is not yet enough to dive into this city as one of tourism destinations in Indonesia.

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