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15 attractions of Surabaya and Start The Surabaya City Tour

Make a visit to one of the major cities of Indonesia.

Let’s talk about Surabaya, where the main object of tourism start, so it is possible to reach Bromo where it is known by the legendary golden sunrise of Java and Ijen is known by the blue flame since the first time published by National Geographic, but you should know from the city is the atmosphere and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Monumen Kapal Selam Monkasel Surabaya 15 attractions of Surabaya and Start The Surabaya City Tour

The Submarine Monument

Like the history that stands by so many warriors, Surabaya has one very unique monument in sea transport, submarine. This monument is the original submarine has been involved in the real battle in the liberation of West Irian (Papua) from the Dutch colonial in area Aru sea.

The monument known as Monkasel is located on Jalan Pemuda No. 39 of Genteng, Surabaya. The submarine with the name Pasopati is a Soviet submarine.

Monkasel Surabaya Submarine Monument is in the Centre of the city close to the river Kalimas and Surabaya Plaza. So very easy access to reach both from the Juanda international airport or from Terminal Bungurasih, Surabaya.

Not just a museum, but it has a swimming pool that is open to the public with IDR 8.000.

While admission only in the amount of ten thousand Rupiah only.

Wonorejo Mangrove Ecotourism

Surabaya in hot weather for almost along the year, for about 35 degrees to 38 degrees, the existence of the forest is one of the most needed. No wonder, then, now more intent and reproduce the Surabaya eco green space.

However, mangrove forests which is very close to the Surabaya Juanda international airport in Surabaya. Wonorejo Mangrove Forests could be popular tourist attractions because of the natural environment.

Car parking at this location is pretty affordable only around IDR 10.000 only. In the meantime also been many peddlers selling typical culinary of Surabaya in the parking place around the Mangrove Forests Wonorejo.

In addition to being able to enjoy the typical endemic birds of Mangrove Forests, you can also take a boat touring the mangrove forests with a boat ticket Rp 25,000 per-person. Another option to have more free access could use a speedboat with rental rates amounting to Rp300thousand for 6 passengers.


Hanging Garden Surabaya

If the Bandung have Terrace Cihampelas, Bandung Skywalknya which is similar in Singapore, Surabaya also got a new form tour attraction of the Park pedestrian bridge at the edges are covered by plants that make it look beautiful and green.

Hanging Garden Surabaya recently opened as tourist attractions in Surabaya in July 2016. its a bridge crossing with two garden benches can be used for enjoying views of the hanging garden of Surabaya.

Monument Suroboyo

The monument is a statue of Suroboyo Sura and crocodiles. A few years ago, Suroboyo statue can only be seen in front of Surabaya Zoo, but now build another Suroboyo statue located in the park beside the river Kalimas BMX.

Statue of Sura and Crocodile is represented that is two famous beast ferocious Shark and crocodile sculpture. Residents relived with the legendary fight between Sura and Buaya so took the name of Surabaya. But there are other opinions stating that Surabaya is derived from the Sura and Baya means exile from the dangers.

Skate BMX & Surabaya

Skate & BMX is one of the parks in the city of Surabaya. the weird name, it is indeed aimed at young children who love to play skateboard and BMX bikes. It also provided the trajectory and the spacecraft to play skateboard and BMX bike comfortably.

Skate Park & BMX is exactly located on the right side of the Kalimas river.
Skate Park BMX Street & Ketabang Times exactly is behind the Delta Plaza or close to Grand City Mall in Surabaya.

right to the next of second Suroboyo statue, the first is in Surabaya Zoo, is the Skate Park and BMX.

Four Heads Buddha Statues

Four Heads Buddha Statues became one of the icons of religious tourism in Surabaya. This statue is said to resemble the Buddha statues that were in Thailand. In addition to being a place of worship, Four Heads Buddha Statues has also become one of the tourist attractions are often visited by tourists who are visiting the Pantai Ria Kenjeran, Surabaya.

Four Buddha statues as the height of around 36 meters including the dome became the patron of the existence of the Four Buddha statues in the Temple area Kelenteng Sanggar Agung. Why this statue has four fine or face? It is the symbol of nature Buddha that is generous, fair and meditation.

The location of the Four Heads Buddha Statues is very close to the Suramadu bridge and Pakuwon City area. From downtown is just about 9 kilometers. If you descend from the Juanda International Airport live bus terminal Bungurasih towards Damri. Then proceed with the use of a bus heading for Joyoboyo. From Joyoboyo only uses one minibus heading for Joyoboyo-Kenjeran. In addition to using public transport, you can also use other transports like the taxi or online taxi.


 Joko Dolog

Joko Dolog statue is estimated to be made in the year 1289 M. If you guys like about history, you must come here. You guys can see sculptures created to honor the figure of Vishnu Vardhana, the King of Singosari. He was renowned for his wisdom, has extensive knowledge in the field of law, abiding religious Buddha and his Highness idea to unite Indonesia.

Hours Of Operation:
Only open on Saturday and Sunday (24 hours)
Jl. Taman Apsari, Embong Kaliasin

The monument Governor Suryo

This monument was built to the memory of the service and courage of Governor Suryo. He was the first Governor of East Java who served in 1945 – 1948.
He died in 1948 because he was killed in confrontation against PKI Madiun rebellion. The monument is located in the Taman Hapsari, it was right in front of the Grahadi. the place famous as selfie spot or just sitting relaxing as it is a place to hang out for people of Surabaya.

Hours of operation:
24 hours
Jl. Gubernur Suryo, Embong Kaliasin

The mosque of Ampel

This mosque is one of the cultural heritage and religious tourism favorite destinations in Surabaya. Who does not know Sunan Ampel in Surabaya? One of Walisongo who taught Islam in Java. The mosque was built in the time of Majapahit by Sunan Ampel is indeed impressive and worth to be visited, mostly by Muslims.

Some of point favorite moments in the exploration of this ancient mosque, among others: the five-gate/Gates depicting Islamic pillars, the water of Ampel, the tomb of Sunan Ampel, the tomb of Mbah Bolong and Mbah Sholeh. do not forget to explore the area around the mosque. There are many merchants peddle, Arab cuisine and Islamic snack and food.

Ampel, Semampir

Jalan Kembang Jepun

Jalan Kembang Jepun is China Town of Surabaya. The sights of this one is the oldest region located in Surabaya. Located across Kalimas River area, this historical location is always crowded by tourists each day.

Attractions in Surabaya that one of these is the Chinese area with lots of shops and stalls of culinary types. Well, for you who are interested to visit this Jalan Kembang Jepun, you can find a myriad of culinary attractions that are worth tasting.

A great many Surabaya Chinese cuisine that you can find on the Jalan Kembang Jepun.
Hours of operation:
Open daily 24 hours (except on this place trader)
Jl. Kembang Jepun, Surabaya

Mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo

One of the unique Mosque that always crowds every day. In addition to being a place of worship, the mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo is also often visited by the tourists, both from Muslims, or non-Muslim.

Interior style and unique design became one of the attractions of this mosque. A mixed style of Chinese and Arabic, as well as the dominance of red, yellow, green, became the hallmark of Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo.

The mosque has been built since 2003 ago and recently established in 2008 by the Regent of Pasuruan, H. Jusbakir Aldjufri, SH. MM. You can come and see the beauty and fame of the mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo.

Hours of operation:
Open daily 24 hours
Jalan Gading No.2 Ketabang, Genteng, Surabaya, Jawa Timur

Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

Want to try other culinary tour and nature tours of Surabaya? Maybe you can try nautical tourism in the Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument.

Monument Jalesveva Jayamahe was built as a reminder that the first field of Indonesia’s successful culture is maritime.

Being here, to enjoy the statue of an officer of the Indonesian Navy, who stared in the direction of the ocean, you can also shop various souvenirs of TNI AL attributes, as well as inspect the warships of TNI AL.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday (hours 07.30 – 15.00)
Jalan Taruna 1, Dermaga Ujung, Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak, Surabaya

Surabaya North Quay

When you are bored to sights that it alone, maybe you could pay a visit to Surabaya North Quay that so the new attractions in Surabaya.
Its a docked of the luxury cruise liner become one of the attractions in Surabaya, the romantic look with sea view of Surabaya complete with the view of Suramadu bridge from a distance.

Watch the live entertainment music, attractions, local community art exhibitions, community and market cuisine is specially offered here.

Hours of operation:
Saturday – Sunday (09.00 to 21.00 GMT)

Suramadu bridge

Suramadu bridge a bridge connecting Java and Madura. The bridge over the Strait of Madura.

The length of the bridge is about 5.5 km, with a record-breaking longest bridge in Indonesia. The bridge is now a tourist icon in the Surabaya because of its beauty as night sights in Surabaya.
You can drive the cross to Madura island and enjoy the silence that was served by the island famous for its duck dishes

Museum House of Sampoerna

The Museum House of Sampoerna is a historic building at once in the museum. Ancient-style buildings of Dutch colonial rule is still sturdy and well maintained, you must visit.

The pillars supporting the Museum House of Sampoerna cigarette-shaped building is being made increasingly exotic. And protected by the country.

In the historic tourist attractions in Surabaya, there are various collection tools maker Smoking, types of lighter, family photos, some musical instruments and others. We can buy souvenirs and see the process of making cigarettes attractive 2-story House of Sampoerna.
The submarine monument is a monument using a real submarine. This ship is the submarines to use Indonesia to do liberation of West Irian from Netherlands colonial rule.


 The National Memorial Monument

Place of hunting in Surabaya, this is the most historic Monuments at once famous in Surabaya because its history is very famous. This monument has a height of approximately 40 meters which was built in the shape resemble the nail upside down, so as to make this beautiful monument.

We can see the photos of the documentation on the underground Memorial. Land area to reach the 1 hectare is used to commemorate the heroes day, honoring the dead soldiers in Surabaya against the invaders.

Bungkul Garden

Bungkul Park, a beautiful garden, ideal for get-togethers, beautiful scenery, clean, very comfortable place to visit.

Located at Jalan Surabaya Darmo has Facilities to play for children, jogging track, playground, Outdoor Amphitheatre of skateboarding, fountain, Green atmosphere. Other supporting facilities, namely the internet, so visiting here very in pamper by the attractive facilities.

Family attractions in Surabaya also often hold events in entertainment and cultural workshops. You can sample several different kinds of cuisine sold by merchants around the Park. most young people in Surabaya and enjoyed spending time in the garden while enjoying meals.

House of Batik

East Java Batik House ever get Record MURI a biggest batik logo city of Surabaya. Batik House East Java was also actively followed various exhibitions of national or regional level in order to popularize Madura and Javanese batik.
So, if you want to get acquainted more with various batik Jawa Timur and not had time to get around Surabaya, just visit the House East Java Batik
This place has a vast collection of more than 2000 pieces of fabric batik with motif and a different pattern. Batik-batik originates from all over the country.

National Mosque Al-Akbar Surabaya

Visitors can tour the religious tourism at once in this national mosque because it became the pride of Surabaya.

Have a smaller than Istiqlal mosque that makes this mosque became the second largest mosque in Indonesia.
Located on JL. Masjid Al-Akbar East no. 1, pangesangan.



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