Nasi Pecel

Breakfast with Nasi Pecel in East Java


The Origin

Nasi Pecel, this typical cuisine can be encountered in almost all regions of Indonesia. It is a food that uses chili peanut sauce as its main composition. No one knows where Pecel exactly comes from, some areas have claimed to own its typical of Pecel.

But local people were very popular with Pecel Madiun term and the possibility that Pecel come from that area of East Java.

It is estimated that Pecel from Ponorogo town, was due to the culinary Ponorogo Chicken Satay and fried bulb that uses peanut sauce as the main composition, which is also a key ingredient in the composition Pecel culinary. The food is also similar to Gado-gado, although there are differences in the materials used.

The concoction of boiled vegetables and side dishes placed on winnowing bamboo or banana leaves is different, from another town of Java to another one. However, pieces of string beans, bean sprouts, cucumbers, cassava leaves, and basil leaves, topped with peanut sauce are a blend of the most common. In addition, there are variations that add spinach leaves, leaves of sesbania, krai (a type of cucumber), and a sprinkling of lamtoro.

Peanut sauce poured over pecel called “spice of pecel” consisting of kencur, brown sugar, salt, chili, lime leaves, and roasted peanuts mixed, crushed or pulverized. There is also the added lime leaves, garlic, and tamarind in a mixture of water to dilute the peanut sauce.

Generally, in every district in East Java are pecel food. Pecel uses the original flavor of the corresponding characteristic pungent spicy dishes Timuran Java. However, in reality, Pecel is regarded as typical food Madiun, even though it is not so.

It does not matter about the history, in the reality pecel dish has now become one of the typical Indonesian cuisines, in East Java itself pecel usually served as breakfast is served with crackers which also varies from one area to another. If you visit Indonesia, especially East Java, do not miss to taste Pecel and feel the sensation on your tongue.

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