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Simeulue Surfing and Trip Activity

About The Simeulue Island Try to find the escape of surf, and did you imagine the situation Indonesia like in the ’80s or want to know Bali in the late of ’80s and ’90s, you better to check the Simeulue Islands has one of the best-established surf scenes in Indonesia. And it’s no surprise for [...]

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10 Best Destination on Palembang City Tour 2022

While, if you just decided to make a tour in Palembang, you can consider an alternative. This place is the main object of the city Palembang with diverse culture and history. The capital of South Sumatra that has a large area, and has the very unique attraction. Since hundreds of years ago, has a history that makes [...]

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15 Interesting tourist attractions in South Sumatra Province

South Sumatera Province Sumatra was the other part of Indonesia, which is popular with a wealth of natural resources. While Java, which surrounded the ring of fire, but Java earlier popular with the Bromo volcano, Mount Semeru, and Mount Merapi, as well as Borobudur, Surabaya, and Jakarta South Sumatra is one of the provinces that […]

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Rumah Gadang Istana Pagaruyung - Sumtra Barat

Tour Sumatra Barat – Mengenal lebih dekat masyarakat Minangkabau

Jelajahi Sumatra Barat Mayoritas penduduk Sumatra Barat adalah orang Minangkabau, mereka memiliki adat istiadat yang masih kental dan dipraktekkan hingga kini, komunitas Minangkabau dengan latar belakang budayanya memiliki peranan yang besar dalam sejarah kemerdekaan Indonesia, hingga kini kita bisa mengenang beberapa nama seperti Bung Hatta, Tan Malaka dan banyak nama lainnya adalah putra Minangkabau. Budaya […]

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