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17 Best Surf Spot In Indonesia – No 4 is the most Populer and Uncrowded

One of the largest archipelagic states in the world, Indonesia’s coastline spread 54,716 km long, which makes Indonesia –the second country with the longest coastline in the world. That’s why, visiting Indonesia is a must for wave hunters, as it is Asia’s surfing capital and a surfers paradise. Are you looking for the best surfing [...]

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Simeulue Surfing and Trip Activity

About The Simeulue Island Try to find the escape of surf, and did you imagine the situation Indonesia like in the ’80s or want to know Bali in the late of ’80s and ’90s, you better to check the Simeulue Islands has one of the best-established surf scenes in Indonesia. And it’s no surprise for [...]

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