Fatahillah Museum - Old city Jakarta

Feast Your Eyes With a Tour to Jakarta, the Best Tourist Destination of Southeast Asia!

Jakarta has a fine array of entertainment activities. Its long and enthralling history has provided a real treat for modern-day visitors. One may get everything to enjoy there according to his/her interest as Jakarta has a wealth of exciting cultural activities to try, important sites to visit, nightlife to enjoy, and fantastic malls and markets […]

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Sightseeing in JakartaOld city

Attraction in the city of Jakarta you have to know before leaving the city

Jakarta attractions and most favorites citizen to selfie Boasting a wide range of attractions, Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital city and some activities you can while in the city. This vibrant city is home to the largest mosque in the whole of Indonesia as well as a large number of other temples and interesting buildings. Visitors […]

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National Monument of Indonesia - Jakarta

3 the Best Things You can Do in Jakarta, Completley Different from Others

Jakarta best activity¬† short for Traveler Are you planning for a holiday to the island city of Indonesia? There are certain important facts that you should know before packing your bag and heading to the destination. Indonesia is a beautiful archipelago that comprises approx. 17,508 islands. Jakarta is the capital city situated on the island […]

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monas jakarta

Monas – Liburan alternatif dan murah di Jakarta

Jika anda tinggal di Jakarta dan sekitarnya, dan tidak punya cukup biaya dan waktu untuk berlibur keluar kota, berlibur di Monumen Nasional (monas) barangkali bisa menjadi alternatif. Monas terletak di pusat kota Jakarta, lokasinya berdekatan dengan istana kepresidenan dan kantor-kantor pemerintahan penting, dekat juga dengan Masjid Istiqlal, masjid terbesar di Indonesia dan bahkan terbesar di […]

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Pulau Pari - Kepulauan Seribu

Trip to Pari Island – Thousand Islands – Jakarta

We should leave Friday morning and we will have a chance 3 day 2-night vacation in Pari Island - Thousand Islands - Jakarta, but my boss is still living until Friday afternoon, so we only had a chance 2 days 1 night, although reduced one day, but still not diminished the taste of this holiday. [...]

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