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Try to find the escape of surf, and did you imagine the situation Indonesia like in the ’80s or want to know Bali in the late of ’80s and ’90s, you better to check the Simeulue Islands has one of the best-established surf scenes in Indonesia. And it’s no surprise for the 70% of waterland Indonesia, with scores of stretches of coastline offering numerous surfing opportunities for everyone from total novices to seasoned experts. The climate “forever summer” also means warmer waters, almost guaranteed sunshine, and quality conditions for catching that perfect tube. Here’s a rundown of some of the best spots in the Simeulue to break out the boardshorts and surfboard.

Dylan’s right

DSCF9202 Simeulue Surfing and Trip ActivityDylan’s right this well-known surf spot is located in the middle of one of the Simeulue Island’s Best resorts – Salt Surf Resort– on the south coast of Simeulue. But don’t let that put you off, it’s very popular for a reason, breaking on a volcanic platform for a long wave with some barrelling. Waves reach between one and three meters, with smaller ones suitable for intermediates, though it can get challenging on the larger swells. Due to some fast sections and sharp rocks, it’s not recommended for novices.


There’s also an easier left reef break on the Southeast of Simeulue called Thailand with a steep drop and plenty of shoulder for cutbacks, plus a heavy, shallow, fast right to the east. The potential for good surf extends for miles up the coast with indented bays, scraggy reefs, and miles of volcanic sand beach breaks; however, weather conditions are treacherous and the lack of safe anchorages makes it a navigational nightmare.


DSCF9614 Simeulue Surfing and Trip ActivityAnother super popular place to surf, this time situated on the South coast of Wontong next to Busung beach. It has become one of the hidden and busiest surf spots on the island thanks to the consistency and quality of surfable waves. The main take off points break over a big rock reef a few meters below, with the left offering medium speed, and the right shorter but with the decent quality wave.

Tea Bag

DSCF9177 Simeulue Surfing and Trip ActivityConsidered by many to be one of the best surf spots in Indonesia, Tea Bag ( taken from the name of the island Teupah ) also has the bonus of being just outside Simeulue Island. This right-hander breaks over a volcanic ledge with the barreling section running in shallow water the whole length of the break. Conditions are consistently good offering some undeniably world-class surfing. Expect wave heights of up to four meters between April and October at high tide.

This break is located in the uninhabited island (and protected island) of Simeulue just opposite Dylan’s  Surf Spot most northerly resort of Salt. Despite being accessible only by Boat, it can still get crowded thanks to some of the surfer, best right-hand waves and some perfect tube sections. It’s also probably something to do with it being the longest surfable wave in the Simeulue Island and is suitable for intermediate to advance of surfer.

Alus alus Beach

DSCF9244 Simeulue Surfing and Trip ActivityLocated off the fishing village of the longest beach coastline in Simuelue, Alus alus beach on the Southeastern coast, this is one of the island’s best year-round surf spots. Entry to the water can be tricky, do not enter from the rock! But conditions mean consistently good quality waves with short explosive sections breaking on both sides. The swell can be strong with a steep bottom, so it’s not one for beginners, though attracts a constants streams of local and experienced surfers.

For those new to surfing, the mellow and foamy waves at Alus-Alus  on northwest coast are ideal. Breaks can be a bit disordered, though rides are often long and it’s a good all-year spot. Just watch out for the swell change, as it’s popular with primarily a closeout wave zone. Generally, however, it doesn’t tend to get too busy, even at peak season.

Generally, Simeulue Island is a great spot for the more experienced surfer if the nearby of Banyak, Nias or Mentawai is busy – though it can still get crowded at Juli-September. Breaks can be fast with some semi-submerged rocks to watch out for, but long barrels are not rare and can be one of the finest surf spots on the country on the right day.

You might love to explore the Island more, its the big area from west to east takes 12 hours drive, so you can explore more and more place and surf spot.

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