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How To Arrange Tour To Red Island Banyuwangi

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Red Island Beach is located in Banyuwangi


Red Island Beach is located in Banyuwangi, the eastern tip of Java Island, precisely in Sumberagung Village Pesanggaran Subdistrict, this south coast of Java has a long coastline, approximately 3 km of white sand stretches and invites us to play and relax on it.

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In front of the beach we can find a rock hill named “Red Island”, this beach’s name is referred to this rock hill’s name, if the water is receding, we can walk to Red island, on the moment of sunset the atmosphere of the beach will be very pleasant, the temperature begins to decline and makes the visitor comfortable to have any activities around the beach or you just capture the moment of the sunset.

In addition to the beauty of panoramic beaches, Red Island is also a distillation of surfing activities, its reputation is not as famous as G-Land Plengkung, but because the waters of the Red Island is sand and not a sharp coral, this beach is perfect for beginner surfers.

Every year the local government holds a surfing competition event on the shores of Red Island, making this beach more popular for tourists.

The name of Red Island is famous for being as ‘city Gandrung’ as the favorite tourist destinations in the countries for both local and foreign tourists. In addition to the beauty of the charm of the beautiful beach, waves as high as 2 meters with shelf 300 m in this beach is well suited to use as surfing activities and not less than the G-land coast Arch.

White sandy beaches along the 3 km complete with small hills as high as 200 m making Red Island never deserted the visitors though. Moreover, here you will be treated to a view of a mountain range as well as the charm of the beautiful sunset.

How to get to Red Island

Red Island route from Banyuwangi

For those who intend to come here with your own vehicle, there are two paths that can be used i.e West of Banyuwangi starting from kecamatan Genteng – > Pesanggaran-> Red Island beach

Red Island route from Surabaya

South of Situbondo, Banyuwangi or red route to the island of Jajag – > Pesanggaran-> Red Island beach. If you still do not know the path, you can see the Board track at each intersection or also use the services of google maps on a smartphone. Relax, now access road within easy reach and sufficient so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

It was originally known as Pitu Ringin. There are at least two opinions that coloring changes name to Red Island Beach. First, the name of the Red Island is associated with the presence of small red Hill on the edge of the beach.

Hill with an altitude of about 200 meters by the vegetation is green so discreet color original. Second, it is said that once found some rays of red light on the island.

As has been said above, this beach damaged by the tsunami on the range of years 1990 ‘s. The disaster presents a 13-meter wave which swept an entire village around the beach. One of the real impacts including the destruction of the wall outside the temple square in Tawang and leaving the only place called Palinggih Padmasana are intact.

Red Island Beach first settled, especially when Banyuwangi under the leadership of the Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas who are paying close attention to the development of the tourism area and the industry. An event at the end of 2012, Banyuwangi introduces this beach to the international world by organizing a “Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen” which is a multi-sport race bicycle race.

The Red Island are increasingly popular, especially since witnesses major International Surf Competition in the year 2013 who attended by 25 participants from 20 countries as well as about 100 local surfers from various regions in Indonesia. Since that time, it became a new destination for surfers of the world previously only know the beauty of the waves of Plengkung.

Red Island Beach has white sands expanse along 3 Km. Where is not far from the shore there is a small hill very pretty as high as 200 meters. To the East, tourists are treated with either a view of the mountains. Whereas in the West, tourists are treated with a view of the beauty of the sunset or sunset. In addition to charming views, Red Island Beach has a very good wave as high as 2 meters with a length of approximately 300 meters surrounded by mangrove trees.

Security in the Red Island Beach very preferred by the person who manages this place, there is evidence that officers keep at secure when an accident happened or security threatening, especially to those who do the sport of swimming at the beach.

A 5-meter tower which was used by officers to monitor and ensure safety on the beaches of the island.

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Here are some activities that you can do on the Red Island Beach:


One of the activities that can be performed on the Red Island Beach is the surfing, source:
The appeal of the Red Island Beaches one of which is the surf beaches. This is a chance for those who love surfing. This beach is always filled with the Surfer, not only surfers domestic to surf at the beach, some foreign surfers always there every day. Many of them choose to stay couple days or even some weeks. The Government of Banyuwangi Regency has held regular surfing events every year. And the event involving participants from 20 countries all over the world. If you do not carry a surfboard, you can rent them at the rental place is on the beach. Usually, rent a surfboard of Rp 100,000.


For those who have a hobby of fishing, a rental boat from the services of traditional boats for fishing in the middle of the sea. It is certainly very exciting, besides to catch the fish, tourists will also be able to enjoy the cool sea breeze blowing.


Another exclusive activity is snorkeling. On-site there are Red Island Beach vendors that rent equipment for snorkeling. And one interesting thing about this event is the price of the rent that is not as expensive as a rental place in General.

Hill Climbing

When seas are low, you can walk into the middle of the ocean to climb the hills not far from the shore. Through the Hill, you can see the beauty of the sea and the exotic landscape that surrounds the Red Island Beach.


Another thing which is also interesting to do is play around with rolls of the waves. Through the waves as high as 2 meters you can swim–happy together with relatives or families. At the time of a big tide, the moment is indeed not allowed to swim in these beaches. One of the factors is due to the bad weather conditions that often occur, this is done to avoid something that is unwanted.

Play Sand

Things that always popular when visiting a beach is build-sand. Red Island had a very soft sand, it is becoming its own advantages for those who want to play – playing with sand.

Enjoy traditional food around Red Island Beach

if you are done having fun on the beach or surfing, some food and drinks peddlers will be ready to serve you. In the location of the Red Island Beach, there are many stalls selling a variety of food and beverages, ranging from snacks, seafood, coconut ice, and others.

Beach Island Beach is formerly known as “Pantai Ringin Pitu” by the local community. It does look very red when the afternoon and color red-pinky is caused by wet sand the exposed beams of the Sun in the afternoon, especially during the dry season. The myriad mystical story in circulation associated with this Red Island Beach.

Here’s some mystical tale supposedly ever experienced by the local population:

  • The presence of red flashing lights that flashed on the beach, so the locals say that it brought that into the background the name of this beach.
  • There is a temple that is not destroyed when hit by a 13-meter-high Tsunami disaster in 1990.

Not far from the Red Island Beach there is a temple, Pura Tawang Alun. This temple was built in the 1980 ‘s. In addition to the use for a place of prayer by local citizens, it also often get visits from Hindus from all over Indonesia, especially visitors who came from the Bali island and the Bromo.

When you tour the Red Island Beach, you can take advantage of the opportunity to just get around and see the look of this sacred place. When travelers enter the coastal area of the island, they will be presented with typical culinary dishes like rujak, Soto Banyuwangi, meatballs, rujak rawon, and other specialties.

Don’t worry about The cleanliness of the place to eat in Red Island Beach tourist area.

Red Island Beach Hill

When you plan wants to stay and spend the night on the beach of the Red Island, you can rent a Beach vicinity homestay provided by local citizens. The price of the rent is relatively cheap when compared to lodging that is in other attractions, the cost start from IDR 100,000 per night. You can choose a homestay or villa which suitable your request.

Facilities provided at some homestay, bedroom, bed, TV, Air Conditioner and other. Such facilities are subject to the price you want. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the sunset, you’ll also meet and chat directly with the tourist from different countries who also stay at homestay area you choose.


Red Island beach is located at the southern end of Banyuwangi Regency, in the Desa Sumber Agung, district Pesanggaran. This beach is part of the South coast and is still in a series with the Pantai Teluk Ijo (green bay), Pantai Sukamade, dan Pantai Pancer.

Mileage from the city of Banyuwangi to the coastal location of the Red Island are 60 Km with estimated travel time is about 3 hours. The condition of the road to the beach was good enough plus the helpful signpost, so no need to worry if you come a long way from out of town.

If using public transportation, you can depart from the Terminal Jajag Banyuwangi by bus-mini towards Terminal Pesanggaran in Pesanggaran. Arriving at Terminal Pesanggaran, you can using a taxi to Red Island Beach. But if using personal vehicle there are two routes you can choose, through Kecamatan Genteng dan Kecamatan Jajag. If you depart from the West of Banyuwangi, then you will pass through Kecamatan Genteng dan Kecamatan Jajag before reaching the coast of the Red Island Beach, whereas if you set out from the East of the city of Banyuwangi or departing from Situbondo, then you will pass through Kecamatan Jajag dan Kecamatan Pesanggaran to Pantai Pulau Merah or Red island .


Rescue (Life Guard)
Security on the beach quite awake because there is a security guard of the coast.
The Tower’s Point Of View
Available 5-meter viewpoint tower to see the view is used.
This beach is known as Kuta Beach-its Java. So there are also sun loungers.
Surfboard Rentals
Available tool rentals Surfing, Snorkeling and Fishing gears including the boat.
Food Stalls
Many food stalls also available complete with a prayer hall and a bathroom.
Along with its popularity. On the beach are also available many lodging.

Red Island Admission Banyuwangi

Arriving here, you have to pay the entrance ticket to the Red island of Rp. 8,000 parking of the motor car and Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 5,000. For rent surfboards at Red Island only Rp. 50,000 you can use a day. For those of you who just want to enjoy the beauty of this beach can rent beach chairs for Rp. 25,000 per 60 minutes.

Banyuwangi Tourism Packages

One of the best ways on vacation to the Red Island of is with Keliling Nusantara packages. Here, the TRIP has provided some variant of a tour package where the Red Island including Green Bay. In addition to this, readers can also enjoy several popular travel destinations in Banyuwangi. Of course, as part of our commitment to provide the best service, tour package is very affordable.
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