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Price List Canggu Surfing Lesson

Detail Price Canggu Surfing Lesson Indonesia Surfing in Bali is a very popular activity, and Surfing lesson in Canggu Bali offers high quality lessons at some of the most affordable rates in the area. If you have any questions about our rates, please contact us directly.   Surfing lesson Canggu Bali offers 2 hour lessons [...]

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17 Best Surf Spot In Indonesia – No 4 is the most Populer and Uncrowded

One of the largest archipelagic states in the world, Indonesia’s coastline spread 54,716 km long, which makes Indonesia –the second country with the longest coastline in the world. That’s why, visiting Indonesia is a must for wave hunters, as it is Asia’s surfing capital and a surfers paradise. Are you looking for the best surfing [...]

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(English) What to do if you have 1 or 2 days in Surabaya

Bromo is the most scenic destination in East Java, characterized by its beautiful sunrise and dramatic mountainous terrain. The gray volcano-capped peaks, caves, and picturesque mountains have inspired authors including 5cm about Mount Semeru. Spend 5 days in this gorgeous National Park, and you’ll never run out of things to see and do. If you […]

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Bali Surfing Lesson – Life Style – Fair Price Tripadvisor n AirBnB

Bali surfing Lesson - Life Style - Budget Price Happy Guarantee Where the best place to learn surf in Bali? the answer is exactly is Canggu, where every people meet their requirement, modern traveler and nomad marketer, urban city living background. Take a look around if you are in Canggu, you will meet these group [...]

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Tour Kepulauan Natuna Permata Indonesia dari Utara

Kepulauan Natuna Permata Indonesia dari Utara Kepulauan Natuna adalah salah satu pulau terluar dan paling kaya yang dimiliki oleh Indonesia, wilayah kepulauan Natuna saat ini terletaka diantara beberapa negara, diantaranya berhadapan langsung dengan Vietnam Kamboja,  lebih istimewa lagi kepulauan Natuna telah menjadi salah satu dari jalur pelayaran internasional Hongkong Jepang Korea dan Vietnam.  Berarti Pulau [...]

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Pantai Pasir Putih Gili Nanggu - Lombok Barat

Discovering the Exotic Lombok Island – Indonesia

Discovering the Exotic Lombok Island - Indonesia Lombok is known as one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. For the last 10 years, It is known for its gorgeous beaches, party island, the Gilis and the strong affinity for the arts. Recently, Lombok had been the chosen port for cruise ships such as Holland [...]

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Matahari tenggelam di Gili Trawangan

Info for Traveler From Bali to Lombok and Gili

Getting To Lombok From Bali West Nusa Tenggara province consists of  Lombok and Sumbawa island is a province of the main constituents of the Small Sunda Islands. Neighboring with Bali Island that lies to the west of Lombok a gate to another paradise island. Separated by the Lombok Strait it takes 5 hours by the [...]

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Why The Bali Is A Budget-Friendly Destination

Why The Bali Is A Budget-Friendly Destination Are you looking for a travel destination where you could indulge yourself with the wonders of nature? the warmth of the sun while you enjoy the sand and the sea, or with cheap thrills, Bali is the perfect getaway for these types of adventures It is heaven for […]

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