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Gubeng Bull Race

469 adu cepat karapan sapi ini terdapat di bangkalan dan bertanding di daerah sehingga pembatas lintasan terbuat dari bambu 2 300x192 Gubeng Bull RaceBull race is one of the cultural attractions of the Madura island, he also became one of the unique tourist destination where tourists can get to know the people of Madura, Bull race as a cultural attraction is not merely eye-catching spectacle, there is the value of history, reflection of character and cultural structure contained in it, and therefore Bull race might be called as an expression that represents the life of the people of Madura by natural conditions, history, culture structure, and how they try to adapt themselves to the environment around them.

People of Madura are an agrarian society, where agriculture is the main livelihood and their lives, the condition is still not changed much until recently, Bull race also have historical roots in the agrarian life. According to the history of bull race held every time out crops in farmers’ fields for the purposes of entertainment for the community, the function is still preserved by packing a more orderly and organized, so no wonder bull race for the Madura still be the main entertainment at the plenty of entertainment from time to time as a result of society modernization.

Places Bull race today is not merely a tacky amusement chaotic and sloppy, Bull race has become a national cultural destination tourist attraction, it is unique and found only on the island of Madura. There Bull race championship fighting the trophy governor of East Java, starting at the smallest administrative level are villages, to further increase the sub-district level and the peak is Gubeng Bull Race that brings bull race champions four districts of Madura and the winner entitled to the trophy governor . One that is also interesting to watch is performing folk dances before convening Gubeng Bull race. This momentum is only once a year, so if we can not see it in this year, then have to wait next year to see it again.

For the people of Madura itself bull race is not merely entertainment, trophies and prizes, more than that, his existence becomes a scene to show pride and ego. The Winners Gubeng Bull race, besides the governor entitled to trophies and prizes, he also gained personal prestige on their achievements, in addition to the price of the winner cow cans inflated to very expensive prices, if you’ve heard of cows for a new luxury car, it’s not the way empty, the fact that the champion cow prices can reach hundreds of millions rupiah, that is.

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