Goa Cokro Gunung Kidul

Cokro Cave – Gunung Kidul

Goa Cokro Gunung Kidul 300x213 Cokro Cave   Gunung KidulCokro cave is one of a hundred karts caves in Gunung Kidul district and lately become of one of the most popular tourist destinations for adventures. The management of this caving tour handled by locals which is consist of several people. Cokro cave is not as popular as Pindul and Jomblang cave because it was just discovered managed as the tour destination, that’s why the cave naturalness still subdued.

This is typically vertical cave with a narrow door, the depth of the cave is 18 meters when you get inside, there is a big chamber followed by tunnel to the east along 200 meters and to the west along 50 meters. Just like many other cave karts in the southern part of Java island, this cave has stalactite and stalagmite ornament formed by karts stone.

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This cave also has promising tourism potential, because of the tourism trend where the tourist want to do adventurous activity and challenge the adrenaline in unspoiled nature, this cave has all those potential, the only matters is about management, so they can preserve its naturalness but in other side can bring the real prosperity to the local peoples.

Some tourist destinations of cave that was developed early in Gunung Kidul be a bad example for the involvement of local communities in the management of the existing tourism potential around them, because of the limitations of the community and their inability to manage it, make many foreign investors to come and set them aside from the main circle management of tourist destinations which they are entitled. Of course, we do not want to see the people around the Cokro cave just be a spectator in this case.

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The awareness of local communities around the cave should be supported with adequate training so they can organize themselves and in the next turn be able to manage the Cokro cave as a leading tourist destination and brings real benefits for them, government support is essential.

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